eTherapy goes by many different names: Distance Counseling, Online Therapy, Technology Assisted Therapy, Telehealth. But these are all talking about the same thing: using today's technology to provide therapy services outside of the traditional office appointment.

There are several reasons why someone might seek eTherapy as opposed to going into the office. These could include physical limitations or transportation issues, or there may not be therapy services provided close to where they live. Some clients even seek out eTherapy because of the level of anonymity that it affords and they feel safer opening up about topics they might not be able to discuss in a face-to-face session.

I use, a free, HIPPA compliant eTherapy app that you can download and use to connect with me from your home. For more information about eTherapy and to discuss whether it is right for you, feel free to contact me at Preferred Counseling at 479-709-9880.